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All of the good stuff, none of the fluff!

Offering professional grade supplements with the highest standards that are ranked  highest in quality and trust.


  • Wheat, eggs, soy, dairy
  • tree nuts and peanuts
  • gluten
  • artificial colors, flavors, and sweetners
  • coatings and shellacs
  • GMO's
  • unnecessary binders & fillers
  • magnesium stearate
  • trans fat & hydrogenated oils




I offer customized supplement recommendations if you have had appropriate labs, spectracell, or genetic testing such as 23&me done.

The process of utilizing your personal genetics (called nutrigenomics)  helps us make evidence-based nutritional and lifestyle recommendations that are customized for your unique genetic profile.

This helps us translate genetic information into real-life health solutions, through tools and education in the fields of genomic testing and nutrigenomics instead of regressing to the concept of cookie-cutter recommendations. I believe everyone deserves individualized, personalized care!