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Are you a Biohacker?

The secret to a healthy life isn’t a secret after all. Discover how increasing our healthspan in a big way starts small –– right at our cells.

Everything we do –– from hitting the snooze button in the morning to closing our eyes at night –– requires energy. That includes every breath and step we take; each smile, blink, sip, or thought. Our body and organs are energy-consuming machines. 

But keeping the energy flowing to and between your cells isn’t just important for fueling everything your body does during the day, it’s critical to making sure we continue to feel our best as we age. 

Producing cellular energy is a complex process. However, understanding how it works and what you can do to harness its power in your own life doesn’t have to be complicated. We’re here to demystify it for you. 

Cellular signaling: how it works and why it’s so important. 

Cellular energy begins with the tiny but mighty mitochondria –– the small engines inside each of our cells. Mitochondria make the wheels of life turn. But how do they do it? By transforming the energy (sugar, fat) in your diet into molecules called ATP (adensosine triphosphate). Cells then use energy-carrying ATP molecules to fuel their functions.

When our bodies are producing healthy mitochondria in the quantities our cells need to do their jobs, we get more than more energy. That’s because the mitochondria help support everything from our organs and joints to our mind. They play a huge role in our digestive process as well as concentration and mood. But when levels of ATP decline, it’s a cellular power outage and all of those functions lack the energy source they need to keep us feeling our best. 

The key is getting cells the nutrients they need so they can do their thing. These nutrients come in many forms, like sugars and fats. But in order to get to your cells these molecules must pass through a semi-permeable plasma membrane that acts like a gateway into every single cell with windows and doors opening to allow nutrients to enter. 

But instead of burning all this new found energy in one reaction, cells use oxidative reactions where electrons are transferred from molecule to another. This reaction occurs through a pathway with electrons capturing some energy and transferring it down the line. At the end of the chain, the molecules are fully oxidized and released as waste in the form of carbon dioxide. This process is called cellular signaling, and it works as the conveyer belt for life as we know it. 

Improving cell signaling with nutrigenomics.

Unfortunately, our environments –– from the food we eat to the daily toxins we breathe –– causes our cells to rust and decay from the inside out. 

Oxidative stress, in essence, is like the accumulation of rust on a car. Through the years and wear and tear, rust slowly begins to show. First a little here. Then a little there. Eventually, rust begins to overtake the entire thing.  Your cells act in a similar way. 

But our bodies have captured the ability to fight oxidants and free radicals, and they’ve encoded that ability directly into your DNA and more specifically your genes. This is where nutrigenomics comes in. Nutrigenomics is the science of how food and nutrients affect gene expression. Remember that food is more than calories and nutrition. It also acts as a programming code or a signal for our cells and an instruction set for our DNA. 

What sets nutrigenomics apart is the idea that our bodies are encoded with the instructions. It’s the idea that it’s far better to activate our body’s own mechanisms to regulate the genes in the DNA for optimal health rather than ingest vitamins and antioxidants while hoping they’ll be effective at the cellular level. This is the fundamental difference between cellular activation and supplementation. 

To activate cellular signaling, we need to get down to the pathways where it occurs. And there are currently three pathways 

As a quick review, there are currently three ways the LifeVantage Protandim products activate our body’s genetic signaling system. 

1. Nrf2 signaling pathway 

This is the mechanism we can use to reduce our oxidative stress levels by increasing the number of internal antioxidants by 40% in 30 days or by as much as 70% in four months.* 

2. NRF1 signaling pathway

This is the mechanism that supports our mitochondrial production and rejuvenation so we can have more energy and metabolism for the necessary functions our body needs.* 

3. Sirtuin activation through the NAD pathway.

This is the mechanism that targets the most important genes in the NAD biosynthetic pathway that are responsible for so many critical cellular functions.* 

Three complex pathways. Three powerful products. 

At LifeVantage, we’ve created a series of products designed to target the three different pathways that impact cellular signaling and our healthspans. True to the nutrigenomic science that underpins them, each of these products works directly at the molecular level to help your cells produce the materials they need to improve the processes they’re already encoded with. 

Protandim NRF1 Synergizer is designed to improve cellular performance by increasing cellular energy and therefore improving cellular performance through energy function.*

Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer works with the Nrf2 protein to fight the effects of oxidative stress by flipping the existing switches that turn on your protective and survival genes. This enhances the cell’s ability to defend against damage that normally occurs to the cell in order to support good health.*

Protandim NAD Synergizer activates sirtuin production to perform a lot of vital functions like DNA damage control, controlling epigenetic alterations, supporting mitochondrial function, cellular communication, and so much more. The result: support for positive mood and motivation, boosting mental and physical energy, maintaining  cholesterol levels already within the healthy range, and improving mental focus and concentration* 

Synergy in motion: the Tri-Synergizer effect. 

What we’re learning is that there is a compounding, synergistic effect when all three pathways are targeted together by taking Protandim NRF1, Nrf2, and NAD Synergizer products at once. This patent-pending Tri-Synergizer combination might only consist of three products, but its effects are far, far greater than we could have ever imagined.*

Tri-Synergizer activates Nrf2 Genes, NRF1 Genes, and NAD Genes. But instead of working in silos, they actually end up working together to increase gene expression by up to 1,792% according to recent studies. From reducing oxidative stress, supporting mitochondrial function, to signaling the right pathways to fight the effects of aging, the Protandim Tri-Synergizer takes cellular health to a level that science has never seen before.*

In other words, Protandim NRF1, Nrf2, and now NAD Synergizers are each incredibly powerful in their own right. They help your cells do amazing things. But it’s the cumulative effect we’re seeing in the lab that’s both astounding and surprising. The Tri-Synergizer isn’t just meeting our best-case scenarios in the lab – it’s far exceeding them.*

Your cells need all the energy they can get for day-to-day living as well as long-term help. The good news is that the secret to that energy is already pre-programmed over the last several million years into cells themselves. With Protandim NRF1, Nrf2, and NAD Synergizers, you have a safe, effective way of helping your cells tap into their potential, so you can fight the effects of aging and improve your mental clarity, focus, mood, and so much more.*


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