Schedule Powerful Conversation #1

Eat. More. Plants.

I have been told, more times than I care to admit, to just eat less and exercise more. Well, lemme tell you, I EAT LIKE A BIRD. In fact, sometimes my appetite is a little screwed up and I am probably not eating enough. Anyway, I think it is very disempowering to have a medical professional tell you to eat less and exercise more. OR "just wire your mouth shut". Really?  That may have worked in high school but now, the fact that  America is now 80% overweight is a telling sign that this crisis is NOT OUR fault. You see, as JJ Virgin says, our body is a chemistry set, not a bank account. Food is information AND fuel. We have learned so much about food science.  Therefore, I wouldn't dare paint with such broad strokes and say there is one diet that is good for every person in all stages of life. For example, would it make sense that an elite athlete that is 27 years old had different requirements than a 53 year old woman in the throes of menopause, dealing with hormones, cortisol, and insulin dysregulation?  I do believe it is difficult to live our fast paced lifestyles and be supremely healthy. AND THEN there is the food corruption....Gosh. 

So here is a proposal. Food is information.  Eat more plants! Make meat a garnish instead of the main course. Find a couple of signature recipes that you know by heart to revert to when stressed or short on time.  Stay curious, keep learning, forgive yourself.  It's good fats, bad fats. Good carbs, bad carbs. Organic, grass fed meats, grass raised, grass finished vs grain finished. GMO vs GModified, conventional vs organic. Farm raised vs. wild caught fish. This is a broad, continually changing topic worth more than one page. Right now I am liking the concept of diet phasing for metabolic flexibility.