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Can what you eat make you smarter?

axio brain health energy mental clarity nootropics Mar 09, 2020

This is my love letter to the greatest energy drink ever created. Yes, I took it right before I started writing this. And yes, I feel amazing.*

*Originally written by Greg Fox

To understand the depth of love I have for the AXIO® brand energy drink mix, a bit of backstory is in order. I used to travel the world for a living. For an unencumbered 25 year old, it was a dream come true. I’d slip through time zones like a well-oiled machine and return home unscathed by jet lag or the rigors of travel. 

I settled down several years later, got married, and had children. I started my own business with clients across the country. Between the demands of juggling East Coast meeting times, West Coast work hours, and three highly-energetic children who often have more in common with a pack of nocturnal Rhesus monkeys (if that’s even a thing), life started to catch up to me. I replaced my laissez faire global jaunting and 9 am alarms with regularly unscheduled 4 am wake up calls with toddlers followed by a day full of meetings, projects, and begging my kids to eat their food. I was tired. And it was beginning to show. 

In an attempt to keep up, I’d hit up the local convenience store for an energy drink – first once a day and then twice a day. These were those giant bullet-shaped cans that looked like they were forged by a biker gang. They gave me a jolt of energy, but those gains were negated by the jaw-clenching jitters I’d feel as I worked and the inevitable crash that would follow several hours later. I’d feel slightly on edge. My patience with my kids suffered (more than usual), and I just didn’t feel like myself. However, I chalked all this up as the price I’d have to pay for the life I’d chosen. 

A couple years later, a friend introduced me to AXIO® during a work trip. We were running late for a meeting. Coffee was, sadly, out of the question or we’d be late. He slipped me a packet, explaining that AXIO® wasn’t necessarily an energy drink, rather a nootropic. While ingesting an entire category of food with a name you can’t spell – let alone never heard of before – may not be the brightest idea, I threw caution to the wind. And it changed everything for me. 

Nootropics. Say what?

I’m going to start gushing about AXIO® shortly, I promise. But it’s important to understand what nootropics are first. Nootropics are supplements, over the counter (and sometimes prescription drugs), and other natural or naturally derived substances that can boost brain performance. They are sometimes called cognition enhancers or memory enhancing substances.They work with the systems your body already has in place. While there are plenty of nootropic options to choose from, AXIO is designed as a smarter energy solution. 

Like a slice of cheesecake, the sugary, overly-caffeinated energy drinks – like the ones I’d buy at the convenience store – are designed to lift you up for a bit, but often let you down hard. There’s usually a crash that comes within an hour or two later, often leaving you wondering why you drank it in the first place. 

AXIO®, in a nutshell. 

AXIO® takes a different approach to energy. It’s designed to energize your mind – not just your body. When you’re feeling sluggish, it’s your brain that needs a pick-me-up. You need a bit less fog and a lot more clarity, not a cattle prod. The difference maker with AXIO® is more than marketing fluff. LifeVantage filled it with quality ingredients that work to “wake up” your brain, support increased concentration and focus, and deliver the right kind of energy, right when you need it. AXIO® comes in caffeinated and decaf versions. I tend to prefer the caffeinated version because sometimes as a stressed-out, tired dad of three small incredibly crazy children, you need all the help you can get. The difference is that with AXIO® I don’t get the caffeine crash that I did with regular energy drinks.* 

AXIO® comes in five different flavors, which I’ll list in order of my personal favorite. In the caffeinated camp, there’s Green Grape, Dragon Fruit, and Sour Cherry. In the Decaf camp, you’ve got Red Raspberry. They all strike the balance between tasting delicious without being overly sweet. They’re completely free of artificial colors, high calorie sweeteners, and added sugar. And they come in a low-calorie, low-carb vegetarian formula that’s BSCG approved. In other words, they taste good, but you’ll also feel good about drinking them.


My AXIO® routine. 

After that work trip, I fell in love with AXIO®. I started ordering it in bulk. The individually wrapped servings were perfect for travel, camping trips, keeping around in the kitchen, and for those why-the-hell-not moments. 

I replaced my morning coffee routine. I found that AXIO® helped me think clearer and gave me more focused work time in those early hours than coffee could ever hope to. It was the mental energy I was getting that made the biggest difference.* 

On occasion, I’ll take half an AXIO® (Sour Cherry, please) before a workout to give me an energy boost to help get me through the workout. I’ve found that I get more out of the workout when I do. If I’m working out in the morning, I’ll take the other half when I arrive home and start work for the day.* 

Ready for an AXIO® life hack? I’ve tried to confine my caffeine intake during the day so it ends before noon. I sleep much better that way. But sometimes mental fatigue starts to settle in during the afternoon when my oldest children return from school, and start demanding snacks while clawing at my office door like a bunch of tiny zombies. I need something to get me over the hump. 

That’s when I chase two Protandim® NAD Synergizers™ capsules (this stuff is amazing. If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out) with an AXIO® Decaf. This gives me much greater mental clarity and focus that lasts longer than what I’d typically get with other nootropic solutions available on the market.* 

AXIO® has become my secret weapon. 

Am I still an overworked father of three trying to juggle the demands of life and children? Yes. That won’t change for another decade or so. But with AXIO® I feel like I have an edge on life. Instead of feeling like I’m constantly chasing energy, I can go about my day with a little more clarity and focus – and I can feel better about my beverage of choice. If you haven’t tried AXIO®, give it a whirl. It might change your life – or at least make your day slightly better.* 

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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